Tabea Graser


Born in Germany and raised in Spain, she took piano and dance lessons and started singing in a choir at the age of 5. There she became the opportunity to perform at several Opera productions. She started playing violin when she was 7 and 2007-2009 she joined the Orquesta Joven Sinfónica de Galicia. She took her first singing lessons with Diana Somkhieva in 2003. 2009-2011 she attended the Conservatorio Profesional in Lugo, Spain, whilst studying Italian and working as a model in A Coruña.
2011-2016 she studied with Prof. Andreas Karasiak at the HfM Mainz, where she performed in several opera productions. Always interested in all types of music, she sang in different jazz, pop and soul bands. 2012 she additionally began to work as a bellydance teacher, writing and performing her own shows.
She’s been currently studying with great professionals, such as Alberto Zedda, Marianne Cornetti or Adam Johnson.